3 foods I want to eat

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The reason why I choose this title because I am very interesting in Korean foods, not only Korean foods but also Korean culture. The first time I was interesting in Korean foods while I was watching Korean drama JEWEL IN THE PALACE AKA DAE JANG GEUM, this film storied about young lady as chef in the jewel. There are too much  foods make me hungry in this film, Korean food not only about to fill the belly but it provides taste, medicine and connection to the country. I thought to my self I have to eat Korean foods. Below there are 3 korean foods I want to eat.

  1. Kimchi

I  think every Korean drama lover knew this food. I often saw this food in Korean drama or Korean film. Kimchi is fermented food, in the case of kimchi the cabbage is coated leaf by leaf in delicious spicy mix of hot pepper  flakes, garliec, chives, onion, pear juice and etc. kimchi then able to be eaten right away (in which case it is fresh,not fermented). I thought Kimchi has much nutrition. Although the shape of kimchi is terrible but I am sure the taste is incredibly delicious.


As like as kimchi this Korean food often appear in Korean movie or Korean Drama, Ddukbkkie is popular street food in korea, so don’t be surprise if you walk in the large city like soul than you smell this food because there are filled with vendors selling their own special recipde version of Ddukbokkie because this food has much various style. Ddukbokkie adden with boiled eggs and sliced fish cake. The sauce is spicy but it is also very sweet and packed with an immense amount of flavor. I really want to eat this food because if a see this food in film that is look delicious and I am sure this food maknyes (tasty).

3.Yangyeom Tongdak

I was bored eat chiken with same recipe everyday and then I saw Yangyeom Tongdak in internet. As like as Kentucky fried chiken, the  Yangyeom Tongdak  is from chiken. Really I want try this food.

Below I will show you the Picture and video of foods above.

1.Yangyeom Tongdak



link video :

Yangyeom Tongdak




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