Four Wives

Once upon time, lived a rich man who has 4 wives. He loved the fourth wife and  gave her much money because she is the most beautiful wife than the others  his wives.

He is also loved the third wife, he is very proud to her and always introduced her to his friend but he was worring if  the third wife betraying him, that also the second wife she always help him if he get trouble.

That also the first wife, she is a loyal wife and always help him to be a good person in his lived and his family, she is the wife who manage his money and business.

But the rich man not really loved his first wife although the first wife loved him so much. Suddenly the rich man got sick and he know that he will be die soon. he though how nice his life have 4 beautiful wifes and if he die he will be alone, so pitiful.

The fourth wife : NO WAY

Than the rich man call all of his wifes ask them one by one,first he ask the fourth wife ”you are the most I loved, I gave you jewels and nice clothes and I gave you what do you want, now I will be die soon, would you go with me ?” she silent…and saying of  course not ! and she go without say aniting, the answered his wife meke him very sad as his heart sliced by knife.

The third wife : MERRY AGAIN

The millionaire sad and ask his third wife”I loved you so much and my live will be end, would you follow me to the ever after?” his wife answer” live is nice, I will be merry again if you die” like get lighting in the day he very sad hear his wife answer. his body got fever.

The second wife : TILL THE GRAVE

Next he ask the second wife.”I always ask you if I got problem and you always give solution, now my live will be end, would you go with me ?” his wife answer”I am sorry I can’t help you now, I only can accompany you tiil grave, I will make nice burial plot for you”.

The first wife : LOYAL TO HER HUSBAND

The richman give up and dissampointed and suddenly he hear some one say ”I wiil go with you where ever do you want to go, I won’t  leave you and always loyal to you”. He is turning his head and look his first wife in there, she looked thin like never eat. he regret why he don’t  take his first wife when he healthy.


The fourth wife is Our Body  

So much money we spent to make our body more handsome.all of it wiil be lost if we die.

The third wife is our wealth and social status

When we dead everything we have gone, how top our rank and how much wealth we have wiil be go to another person.

The second wife is OUR FAMILY

Although your family love you so much, they can’t always together us, they only can together us until hole grave.

And the first wife is our soul and our god reward.

Only our soul and god reward loyal to our where ever we go.only our god reward can help us in the world hereafter.

So,wise to our life.do much good thing,help anothers although you think what do you did is small but may be it is very helpful to another who need your halp.

****I hate grammer****please correct me if my English was wrong****




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